gently tweaking the knobs of reality...

Trans-mutation features the work of artist / maker Dave Young

Since 1995 Dave Young has been gently tweaking the knobs of reality, trans-muting found, used, discarded and recycled materials into strange and unexpected new forms. He has worked as a sculptor, animator and film-maker, junk alchemist, blacksmith, metalworker, pyro-technician, set-builder, puppeteer and workshop leader.

Dave works closely and collaboratively with many other artists, dreamers, makers, musicians, performers and like-minded reprobates.

In 2008 with Tim Hill he co-founded Rag and Bone to explore processional traditions, tell stories, build giants, great beasts and dream machines and create elemental performances.

Since December 2008 he has formed a close relationship with Macnas in Galway, Ireland, working with Artistic Director Noeline Kavanagh and her team to develop new styles of work for street theatre, procession and outdoor performance.

In 2012 Dave began on ongoing artistic collaboration with pa-BOOM, working closely with them to create projects such as Hot Heads and Horns of Fire.

In the last few years Dave’s work has increasingly focused on building articulated giant puppets and beasts, processional vehicles, dream machines and large scale fire and pyrotechnic creations. He dreams of one day making small, lightweight, self-rigging things.

He has worked with pioneering celebratory arts company Welfare State International and many other arts companies and organisations including Liverpool Lantern Company; Walk the Plank; Oxford Contemporary Music; Newbury Corn Exchange, Cirque Bijou and pa-Boom.

He is based in West Yorkshire, UK.